Western Bluebirds once thrived in the Garry Oaks meadows of south-eastern Vancouver Island. Sadly, these beautiful birds were lost as Garry Oak meadows, and the dead trees the Bluebirds relied on were lost to development.

Our goal is to bring Western Bluebirds back to Vancouver Island. By restoring bluebird habitat, building nestboxes, and re-introducing bluebirds from healthy populations in Washington State, we can recover a small bit of our lost biodiversity.

This ambitious project relies on the support of dedicated volunteers, partner organizations, and donations from people like you.

Find out more about our work, and how you can get involved.

Bring Back the Bluebirds is a project of the British Columbia Conservation Foundation in partnership with the Cowichan Valley Naturalists.

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May 5 update

This lovely Violet Green Swallow nest is safe from House Sparrow attacks. The box is nearby our Bluebird boxes and had previously been taken over by House Sparrows, increasing the population of these aggressive and invasive birds. A hole reducer has been added that excludes the House Sparrows, keeping this sweet nesting pair safe. Lowering … Continue reading May 5 update

April 25 update

Happy Spring Everyone! Nesting season has begun and our fantastic trail monitors have headed out into the field. We are seeing swallows arguing over nestboxes and a few chickadees are starting to show an interest as well. If the wrens are starting, they are being secretive about it. Some of our native birds already have … Continue reading April 25 update

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