CVNS Bring Back the Bluebird Project Update – July 27, 2017

Second clutches are coming along as I type this brief – we have banded 2 nests since the last brief with those nests expected to fledge within the next week and a half. At another site, the eggs hatched on Monday and the parents are diligently foraging for food in the surrounding fields as thrilled landowners watch over them. One is even reporting having bluebirds checking themselves out in a mirror on their deck. Early next week a 4th second clutch will be banded.

Interestingly the nest we banded on Wednesday contained 4 females and a male, and their previous nest was all females. Nests with a single sex are very rare, and we will take all the females we can get! The feeding station at that site has been moved for the third and hopefully final time, as the landowner’s horses somehow manage to knock it down.

The San Juan Island female has yet to lay an egg here in Cowichan but we check back every couple days with our fingers firmly crossed. They have a nest built and continue to defend the nestbox vehemently.

Under the guidance of Genevieve and myself our invaluable volunteers continue to monitor the network of nestboxes taking note of their findings and letting us know of anything exciting. It appears as though swallow and chickadee numbers are up this year; always an encouraging sign.

Our mealworm project continues to hum along producing all we need for the landowners to provide their nests’ supplemental feedings.

Adult Birds: 18+
(We have had multiple reported sightings at various locations – this number is quite likely higher.)
Nestlings: 18
Juveniles: 20
Active Nests: 4

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