Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – July 27, 2018

Hello Bluebirders,

The last few weeks have been eventful, with all of the 2nd clutch bluebird nestlings having been banded, and many having just fledged. In total, we’ve banded 42 nestlings this year! Although we had fewer returning adult bluebirds and nests this year, the nestling success has certainly been a silver lining, with an increase from 34 juveniles fledged last year. To support these hard-working and highly productive bluebird families, we will continue to provide mealworms until the fledglings are 2 weeks old. Although we don’t have exact numbers, many of the juveniles from the first clutch are still being observed in the area. Interestingly, 2 juveniles from a 1st clutch this year have been spotted in several locations, together with an adult male bluebird who did not have a mate this year!

Last week, several of our trail monitors gathered for a lovely picnic at Eves Park where we socialized and heard updates on each trail, including some great anecdotes from the season! Earlier this week, Hannah gave a talk about the Bluebird Project to volunteers of the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society, who had been braving the heat to remove invasive plant species from the marsh. Also this week, we paid a visit to the Bluebird Project Display at the Pacific Northwest Raptor’s Centre. We are so appreciative to have this display at the Raptor’s and this season we’ve collected nearly $150 from our donation box there.

In keeping with the thanks – we would like to say, as always, that we could not continue this project without the immense community support and volunteer efforts on this project! Thanks to everyone who has supported our project in some way.

If you need to get in touch with us, please email us at Like the Cowichan Valley Naturalists’ Society on Facebook or check out the gallery on our website to see some cute bluebird photos!


Adult Birds: 12 (+2 seen in Victoria)

Banded Juveniles: 43

Juveniles from 1st clutches: 24

Juveniles from 2ndclutches: 19

Total Nests this season: 9

Pairs Feeding: 4

As you may remember from our last update, a female born in the Cowichan Valley has been breeding in the San Juan Islands this season. Here is an brief update from the San Juan Islands Preservation Trust on their bluebirds (as of July 23rd):


Pairs (including inactive): 13

Breeding Adults: 22? (less depredated Females)

Non-breeding Adults: 8

Banded nestlings: 55

Nestlings in boxes: 21

Eggs: 11

Pairs Laying: 0

Pairs Incubating: 2

Pairs Feeding: 5

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