Bluebirds, burgers and beer.

BB Beer n Burger

Wow, what a week. The immense generosity we received from last weekend’s fundraiser is always a bit overwhelming. In a good way. We don’t have totals on funds raised yet, but we sold at least 110 beer and burger tickets, had 74 amazing items donated to the silent auction, and the 50/50 draw raised $425, with the winners generously donating $150 of the prize back to the project. (Thank you Jan and Jack Kotaska)! It was a great night with music from Paul Ruszel and a guest appearance by Laurel Circle. Thanks again to the Cowichan Bay Pub for hosting us and to all who came out, donated and helped with the organizing. We are so grateful.


This week also brought several more Western Bluebird sightings, some of which came from our ‘Bluebird Blitz’ on Wednesday! We’ve discovered two more pairs and another male calling in his territory, trying to attract any nearby females… So far, we have three confirmed pairs, a fourth likely pair (not confirmed by staff yet), and two single males. We haven’t found any nests yet, but the males and females are displaying a lot of interest in particular boxes. Interestingly, a male born in 2017, that was not seen in 2018 has reappeared this year.

Thank you to the WEBL search party on Wednesday! Photo by: Derrick Marvin


As always, please let us know of any potential Western Bluebird sightings! Feel free to get in touch if you would like to find ways to volunteer or be more involved on the project. Reach us at , 250-222-2583 or on facebook.

Population Summary

9+ adults

3 confirmed pairs, 4th likely

2 single males

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