Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – May 10th: Bluebird Eggs in the Valley!

A quick update on the project:

On April 27th the CVNS were apart of the In Bloom festival (the one day of the year the preserve is open to the public!) at the Cowichan Gary Oak Preserve off Aitken Road. Despite being a super windy day, we had a great turnout and even had a male and female bluebird cooperate for many to see.

On the 29th we attended the GOERT Conference in Victoria. Genevieve presented her work on the Bluebird Project and the Eagle Heights protection plan on behalf of the CVNS. For her tremendous volunteer contributions Genevieve was awarded the Golden Acorn Award (congratulations!).

This last weekend the CVNS hosted BC Nature’s annual general meeting in Duncan. We are extremely thankful for the support of our volunteers who were instrumental in organizing such a large and significant event. The AGM involved several field trips to important ecological areas and we were again able to show off our bluebirds to naturalists from all across BC. Thanks again to everybody who was involves in such a fantastic event.

Currently we have three pairs of bluebirds in the Cowichan Valley, two of which are incubating eggs (6 each = 12 eggs!). The third pair is busily making a nest and we are monitoring them frequently in anticipation of eggs being laid.

We will be doing lots of surveying this week in hopes of finding some more bluebirds. Remember to check out our Facebook and website for more frequent updates, info and photos.

Have a great weekend and let us know if you see anything interesting!


Population Summary

9+ Adults

3 Nesting Pairs

12 Eggs

2 Single Males

WEBLOne of our breeding pairs of Western Bluebirds in Duncan enjoying their summer home.
Photo by Braden Judson.


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