Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – May 16th: 18 Eggs to date!

Hello bluebirders! A quick update on the project:

This week we now have 18 eggs as of today in the Cowichan Valley! We are merely days away from having hatchlings at two of our nest sites. This is a bit later than what we observed last year, but we suspect this is the result of a longer and colder winter/spring season.

There are still at least 3 solo males in the Cowichan Valley, however, there are many migratory songbirds arriving almost daily so there’s still hope for more bluebirds. New bird arrivals this week (for me anyway) include Purple Martins and Western Tanagers. Great to hear to hear so many spring birds singing!

On May 16th the CVNS Bluebird Project presented the project overview, status and goals to the Cowichan Stewardship Round Table meeting. The presentation was well-received with attendees providing great feedback and encouragement.

With hatching birds on the horizon, we will begin to feed the bluebirds mealworms on a daily basis. We are amidst organizing our bluebird feeders and mealworm supplies and will commence the feeding this weekend.

Also, for anyone whose calendar fills up quickly – please save the evening of Monday, August 12th for our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event. More details to come.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Population Summary

9+ Adult Bluebirds

3 Nesting Pairs

18 Eggs

3 Solo Males


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