Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – May 24th: Hatchlings!

Currently, there are 14 eggs among two nest sites in the Cowichan Valley that are being actively incubated. We are very pleased to have nestlings hatch at our third nest site! These birds are very new and hardly resemble bluebirds yet – however, in the days to come their blue feathers will come in as they grow and eventually prepare to leave the nest box. The photo below is one of our males delivering some caterpillars to the female who was busy incubating the eggs.


As a result, many of mealworm-feeding volunteers have been very busy supplementing these nesting sites with mealworms. This hot and dry weather is great for newly hatched birds and the supplemented mealworms will speed up the development process and encourage the parents to lay a second clutch of eggs.

We’re excited to have our avian expert, Gary Slater in the Cowichan Valley this weekend to show him bluebirds and hopefully arrange to capture some adult bluebirds who are missing leg bands.

We hope everybody is enjoying the summer weather and all the birds, bugs and plants that come with it. A personal highlight was seeing a Bullock’s Oriole while out monitoring nest boxes (photo below).BUOR

Have a great weekend and we look forward to sharing some baby bluebird photos soon!

Population Summary

2 or 3 Solo Males

One Nest with 4 Hatchlings and 2 Unhatched Eggs

12 Unhatched Eggs

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