Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – May 31st: Busy Bluebirds

We started this week off with our support ornithologist, Gary Slater, helping us to catch one of our male bluebirds who has been missing a leg-band all season. Using the uniquely numbered, aluminum leg-band we determined this bird was translocated to Vancouver Island from Washington State in 2014! It’s great news to see translocated birds five years later returning to their breeding grounds in the Cowichan Valley and nesting successfully. Currently this site has 5 or 6 nestlings too and the breeding pair is busy feeding them.

Gary Slater setting up mist nets in hopes of catching bluebirds on their way to the nest box.

We also found one of our solo male bluebirds has moved from the southside of Quamichan Lake several kilometers north to a property off Herd Road. Our fingers are crossed in hopes that he finds a girlfriend among his travels. It’s always interesting to see how the birds move around over the course of a season, especially when they wind up in a place that hasn’t had bluebirds before!

A dog-pile of baby bluebirds, approximately 8 days old!

In the next few weeks we anticipate nestlings will be banded – keep your eyes out for an email with more details!

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