Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – June 8th: Bluebird Banding

Hello bluebirders,

On June 2nd we got together to band the nestlings from one of our active nest sites! The nestlings had been hatched for 13 days and were large enough for us to put the colour bands on their legs. These birds were super cute and their blue feathers are starting to emerge. We anticipate that these banded individuals will begin to venture out of the nest box and feed themselves sometime this week.

Like all songbirds, newly hatched bluebirds have swollen bright yellow lips to help their parents see their mouths inside of the dark nestbox. These birds will soon outgrow their downy and awkward tufts of feathers. June 2nd, 2019. Photo by Braden J.

At another nesting site bluebirds have hatched out of their eggs. It took a few days for them to be able to open their eyes, but they’re now looking around the nest box and their parents are bringing them mealworms. We will likely band the nestlings mid next week!

These bluebirds are just a few hours old! It will be a day or two before they are able to open their eyes. You can see the right-most egg has a small hole – the result of bird #4 trying to peck his/her way out. May 31st, 2019. Photo by Braden J.

This warm weather has been good for insects and caterpillars and so we’ve seen the adult bluebirds hunting for them among the trees a lot lately. They are nutritious prey items for both the adults and juveniles alike.


We also had a report this week of a bluebird sighting off Swallowfield Road – where the trail parallels the Chemainus River. Bluebird staff and volunteers spent some time out this way looking, but were unable to resight this individual. Remember to keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you see any bluebirds while you’re out!

As always – have a great weekend,
– Braden

Population Summary

9+ Adults
6 Eggs and 9 Nestlings
3 Nesting Sites
2 Solo Males

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