Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – June 22nd: Fledglings are out and about!

Hi everyone,

This was an exciting week as we now have two nesting sites with fledglings! While it’s difficult to get an exact count, we believe there are at least 6 fledglings out exploring with their parents now. The parents of these groups are busy establishing a second nesting site and are bringing grass into a nearby nestbox – we are very hopeful for a successful second clutch!

WEBL (2)

Keep an eye out for bluebirds looking for new nest sites, and exploring fledglings. As you can see in the above photo, the fledglings have a white eye-ring that makes their eyes appear very large! They are also very streaked and have a yellow border around their mouth (this helps the parents deliver food right into their mouth in the dark nest box!).


We’d like to thank everybody again that came to our monitor meeting on Tuesday. I’ll be meeting with a lot of trail monitors over the next month and discussing plans to improve trails. I’m also purchasing a great deal of predator guarding materials (PVC tubes, stucco wire, sparrow spookers, etc) to make our trail systems safer for bird usage next year. A big shout-out to Pacific Industrial & Marine Ltd.  who graciously donated $500 to our predator-guarding efforts! This goes a long way in reducing the risk of bluebird predation events.

Happy trails,
Braden J

Population Summary

6 Fledglings
7+ Adult Birds
8 Eggs
2 Active Nest Sites

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