Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – July 6th

Hello Bluebirders,

This week we’ve had a pair of bluebirds working on their second clutch and the mother appears to be incubating a brood of five eggs! She added a bit of grass to their old nest and are continuing to use the same nest box. Sometimes bluebirds will use a new nestbox, but will occasionally use the same box for both clutches. While mom is incubating, the male bluebird is foraging and bringing her insects while being accompanied by the fledglings from their previous clutch.

We always knock on the side of our nest boxes to flush any birds out before opening them. Sometimes however, the parents are quite dedicated and when you look through the entrance hole of the bird box they stare back at you. 

On Friday we banded the nestlings at another nesting location. We’re thankful to have had some CVNS volunteers help out with that and get to hold and see some baby bluebirds. We banded five nestling bluebirds who all appear to be in good health – which is great news considering their parents had a nest failure earlier on in the spring.

I have been working to get materials together to improve our bluebird trails for next year. Some boxes need replacing, while others are getting modified to reduce the risk of predation. For example, we’re installing a stucco-wire guard on the top of some boxes to deter owls (among other raptors) from landing on top and harming the nestlings inside. This modification was inspired and guided by personnel from the BC Purple Martin Stewardship and Recovery Program.

These raptor-guards are made from a non-rusting material and the sharp edges are blunted and curled around to prevent any chance of snagging or poking an incoming bird. 
A squirrel or woodpecker trying to call one of our nestboxes home. The box was empty so we replaced it with a new one.

We will have one final session of bird banding is as little as two weeks from now! I will send out an email closer to the time of banding with an invite for anybody who has not gotten the chance to be involved in banding.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend,
– Braden

Population Summary
7+ Adults
2 Active Nesting Sites
7 Fledglings
5 Eggs
5 Nestlings

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