Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – August 17th

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everybody who attended our end of season appreciation event and the amazing Don and Theresa Carson who hosted the event at their beautiful home. It was a great evening, with lots of great company and food (thanks to Trevor on the bbq!). Additional thanks to Bruce Cousens of the western Purple Martin Recovery Foundation for providing a talk on the history and challenges of the Purple Martin recovery in British Columbia. It’s a great reminder to the many challenges projects like ours face. However, in spite of all of these challenges we are extremely fortunate to have a reliable and passionate community of volunteers that make all of our forward progress possible.

Left to right is Charlene Lee, Bruce Cousens, Ryan Hetschko, Genevieve Singleton, Hannah Hall, Braden Judson and Jacquie Taylor.
Cheri receiving a bouquet of flowers for her phenomenal job with the bluebird project. 


We hope you had the chance to meet our new staff person and project coordinator, Jacquie Taylor at the event too! If you didn’t, we will be spending some time out in the field next week so hopefully you can meet her then. Jacquie, Genevieve and myself were at the Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve this week adding raptor-guards to our boxes to reduce the risk of owls preying on birds while inside the nest box. It was a great (but super hot) day in the field!

Jacquie and myself installing a raptor guard on a nest box. (Sorry Jacquie I’ll get a better picture of you before I leave!)
I took this photo not 100 feet away from one of our nest boxes! 

Thanks again for reading,

– Braden Judson

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