Weekly Update – August 28th, 2019, A bit of news to end the season with

The Bring Back the Bluebird Project has news to share! While our Bluebirds have finished nesting for the year, our project has found a new nest of its own. The Cowichan Valley Naturalist Society has partnered with the BC Conservation Foundation, which will take on the administration of this project.

While we will still rely on our great team of volunteers for taking care of our bluebirds, BCCF will take care of administrative tasks such as budget tracking, invoicing, and hiring. Genevieve Singleton will still guide and support the project and Jacquie Taylor will be the coordinator; filling out grant applications, keeping everyone informed and planning the next field season.

I feel this is an exciting step forward for the project. BCCF has a great reputation for keeping projects on track and we have a fantastic foundation of community engagement. This collaboration will strengthen our efforts to bring the Western Bluebird population back to our Cowichan Valley.

Warm wishes,

Jacquie Taylor

p.s. Our website flies south for the winter so there will be no more updates this year. See you next spring! Also, if anyone is wanting to donate to our Bluebird Project, please follow this link to the Canada Helps site and choose Bring Back the Bluebirds from the list. Thank you for all your support!


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