Bring Back the Bluebirds Project Update – End of August

Hi everybody,

Thanks again to all of our volunteers and supporters for the fantastic summer and all of the hard work you have contributed!

To date, we have accumulated nearly 2700 volunteer hours for the year within the Bluebird Project. This is spread among nearly 130 volunteers, 17 trail monitors, 8 mealworm feeders and 67 landowners. Our many landowners and trail monitors collected over 1,000 data points on nesting birds in the Cowichan Valley. This type of large, long-term data is critical to understanding the population trends and dynamics of our native, cavity-nesting birds. Of our 238 nestboxes, 61.1% produced a successful clutch of native birds! While we still have House Sparrow issues, volunteers have combated this significantly by removing nearly 50 HOSP nests this year (at ~5 fledglings a nest, that’s ~250 less HOSP in the Valley).



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