Trail Monitor Training Workshop

I am excited to let you know that despite all the craziness of these times we have found a way to carry on with our Trail Monitoring Workshop without risking anyone’s health. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the help of Ann Nightingale, we are going to host our event online using the platform Zoom.
You are cordially invited to join us on March 29 from 9am-11:30. To register, follow the link below:
For those who have not used Zoom before, here is a link for instructions: With this platform you can choose your level of participation, if you turn video on we will all see your lovely faces, you can choose to use audio only or simply to watch while muted if you are feeling more private. The host will put you on mute while presentations are in progress but there are opportunities for people to share and ask questions. You can choose your username which can be your real name or something made up.
Ann Nightingale, Genevieve Singleton, Hannah Hall, and I, Jacquie Taylor will be presenting the workshop which will include:
  • History of the Bluebird Project
  • Safe nest box checking and maintenance;
  • Recording observations;
  • Predator prevention;
  • Local native and non-native cavity nesting species and how to identify their nests;
  • Supplemental feeding
If you are interested in watching but not available at that time (or the idea of using a new platform makes you uncomfortable), we will be recording the workshop. Please just let us know and we can make it available to you. I will be also be making the Bluebird Trail Monitoring Handbook available, both by email and through our website.
It is wonderful that there are still ways for us to connect during this isolating time. I really look forward to seeing you all there! Please contact me if you have any questions.
* Due to a hiccup in switching from an in person event to online the registration says that all non-member tickets are sold out, please just register as a member regardless of whether you are or not.
Warm wishes,
Jacquie Taylor

2 thoughts on “Trail Monitor Training Workshop

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I have looked into it and this was a glitch in switching from an in-person workshop to online, please just register as a member. That being said, we are recording the session and if you are unable to register, please contact me ( and I can make the recording available to you when we have it.
      Best regards,


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