January Update

Happy New Year everyone!
This is a quiet month for Bluebirds in the Valley so not a lot to share just yet. Last year Barry saw our first Bluebird of the year on Feb. 18 so it is time for everyone to keep their eyes open for flashes of blue!
I am in the process of tracking down all the permits we will need to bring a few more Bluebird families over from Washington in May/June this year. We have one permit in hand and two to go.
A big thank you to all of you that are raising funds with your Thrifty Smile Cards. So far, we have raised $184. Let me know if you have any friends or family that would like a card and I can bring one to you. Speaking of fundraising, we will need to miss another Beer and Burger fundraiser this spring. Next year we will have to eat three burgers each to make up for our lack.
To prepare us for capturing shots of Bluebird leg bands I have included this guide from birdandmoon.com. Happy bird spotting to you all!

A Guide to Bird Photography

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