Free Flying

The Bluebird family has been released! It was a beautiful breezy evening when we released the hatch on the roof to let them fly away. I think I was expecting a big rush of birds out the hatch when we opened it but that was not how it went at all. At first nothing changed, then gradually after a few minutes the parents recognized the open sky and flew out to a nearby Garry Oak. Shortly after that, a few of the fledglings gathered the courage to join them. Then we waited….and waited. Two more fledglings took their time, after about an hour they took flight as well. The last little one was scared, it called out to the others but stayed put and refused to move. With a little helping hand from Helen, the last one finally took to the sky and was seen landing in the family’s tree. I was delighted to see the parents both checking out nest boxes and hunting for insects in the grass. My heart was filled with joy to see bluebirds in the oak trees once again. Thank you to Shanna Baker for the beautiful photos!

Larry opens the hatch
Two of the fledglings taking a look around before they go
The last little one getting a helping hand
Despite the little one’s reservations, they made it all the way up to the Garry Oak branch first try

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