April 1 update

So much to share this week, I don’t know where to begin!

I have to start with the news that the Western Bluebird family that we brought from Washington last summer has returned to the Cowichan Valley!

With our Trail Monitor Workshop that took place last Saturday, we can officially say that our field season has begun. It was so heartwarming to see the dedicated volunteers that monitor the project nest boxes in person this year as we stocked up on supplies, went over our goals and welcomed a new monitor to our group.

Then our aviary builders, Larry, James, Rodger and Warren got to work making a safe space for our translocated Western Bluebirds to stay while they adjust to their new home in the Cowichan Valley. No sooner had they completed the first aviary when the family of bluebirds we brought over last year showed up to remind us that this was their territory thank you very much! Larry and crew very generously moved the aviary to a new location on Monday and erected a second aviary on Wednesday.

The week finished with the exciting news that all of the pieces are in place for the first translocation to occur. On April 14 we will bring two pairs of Western Bluebirds across the border.

Our Trail monitors braving cool, wet weather to listen to Genevieve share about the beautiful Garry Oak ecosystems we work in. photo by Genevieve Singleton
New home for the first aviary after our bluebirds reclaimed the first location
Aviary builders hard at work on the second aviary

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