Banding Day!

Banding day for our first clutch of the season!! The first pair to settle in to a box has now raised 5 young nestlings (3 females and two males). We give them 3 coloured bands and one aluminum band each so that we can identify them when they return next fall. Volunteers helped out with the banding day and as a lovely bonus, provided us with these great photos to share. Photo credit to Jody Wells, Thanks Jody!

Helen is giving this one a yellow band to go along with the orange one its wearing
Getting organized before the banding means less stress for the little ones

Check out the Einstein eyebrows! She will lose these as she develops so we will appreciate them while we can
This is Dad, he’s waiting to feed the nestlings as they are returned to the nest box
The nestlings are transferred to a cotton bag when its their turn for banding
At this age it’s tricky to tell females from males. Check out the vibrant blue of the male (bottom) compared to the slightly more subtle blue of the female (top)

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