July 8 Update

Hello Bluebird Fans!

It has been a real pleasure to watch our bluebird fledglings reaching certain milestones as they continue to grow, and they have been enjoying the warmer weather as of late. Over the last week or so, we have seen two more nestlings fly into the safety of nearby oak branches, and their parents have been dutiful and attentive feeders, particularly the male. Today they were viewed following the male around the meadows while he hunted for them. They sure grow up fast!

The older fledglings that have been out for several weeks now are starting to fly greater distances, and even hunt and feed themselves! Although, like many other adolescents, they can still be seen asking mom and dad for attention. It’s slightly comical to know that they are perfectly capable of feeding themselves at this point, but they’re not quite ready to let go of being babied.

Mom and dad’s attention is going to be even more in demand from now on, as yesterday they welcomed four more babies into the world! These scraggly little ones are 50% neck at this point, and are cuddled up in their warm grass nest under an oak tree.

On a sadder note, we had an unfortunate complication with our planned translocation last week that resulted in Gary having to turn around en-route due to an exclusion zone for avian flu near the Washington border that we were unaware of. We were deeply upset by this turn of events, especially after all the hard work of our wonderful volunteers and supportive landowners to set up our aviaries in preparation.

However, we must remember to celebrate what has already been a very successful nesting season with our two bluebird families, who have between them produced 7 healthy fledglings, and four more nestlings! This was indeed a significant stroke of luck, as we never know if a released pair will simply take off and fly home, let alone stay and raise two clutches. And so, we remain thankful and optimistic.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend in the sun.

Jacquie and Helen

Our newest hatchlings!

Dad watching over the new family

The fledglings grow up so fast!

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