Aug 12 Update

Hello to our faithful bluebird supporters –

We’ve had quite a busy few weeks here, hence why this update has taken so long!

To start with, our second clutch of 5 nestlings was banded several weeks ago, and they all flew the nest a week later. It was quite bittersweet, as we will miss getting to peer in at sleepy bluebird nestlings over the winter. However, we have since spotted them stretching their fresh new feathers while they follow their parents all over the neighbourhood, and it’s been a lovely sight watching these experienced parents hunt for them.

We also have had the exciting reappearance of the male that we originally brought over this spring (who was ousted by the current male). He must have stuck around all summer, a lone bachelor, enjoying our meadows and grubs.

It’s quite fun to watch the feeding station and try to predict which bluebirds will show up each day, as currently the bluebirds from both sites seem to be sharing the same feeder. Thank goodness for those coloured bands. We now have a confirmed population of 18 bluebirds in the Cowichan Valley for this year, over double of last year’s population of 8!

As for the rest of our cavity nesters, nesting season is officially drawing to a close, and our faithful trail monitors are all cleaning out their boxes and turning in their data. We will compile this data and submit it to Project Nestwatch, so that we can contribute to the data on our native cavity nesting populations.

We have been busy bees in other ways as well, as we are sprucing up our aviaries and giving them a fresh coat of paint. This will help to improve their longevity –hopefully next year’s bluebirds will enjoy their fancy, newly renovated digs!

Wishing you all a sunny and peaceful August.

Jacquie and Helen

This little nestling poses for a photo with her new jewellery Photo by Eva Wainwright

The male waits nearby, ready to feed the youngsters as soon as they are back in the box Photo Eva Wainwright

Helen is busy preparing the aviaries for next year’s translocations with a well needed fresh coat of paint

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