April 19 Update: Will they or won’t they?!

This time of year is full of suspense! First it’s will the first translocation go smoothly (it did!) then it’s what bluebirds will return and will they all stay. Today we will release the two pairs that came over from Washington and wait to see if they make themselves at home. I am happy to report that so far we have spotted three of last year’s Cowichan bluebirds returning. One pair appears to have chosen a nesting territory already! Please keep your eyes open and let us know if you spot any bluebirds.

Bluebird release July 2021

One thought on “April 19 Update: Will they or won’t they?!

  1. How exciting, Jacquie…!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your new arrivals will settle in and make your location their permanent year-round spring/summer home. Look forward to more updates, especially regarding baby bluebirds…

    Cheers Eva


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